"October? That’s not far away! Even if it is, complaining is for losers anyway."


"Follow the owl? Must be some sort of secret code/riddle! Must. Solve. Now."


"I stayed up all night for that? Ridiculous.”


"You go in the front door, I’ll go in the back. Grab as many papers you can find on this shit and meet me back at the car!"

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    I was just thinking those Hufflepuff thoughts but I went searching like a Ravenclaw/Gryffindor for about 10 minutes...
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    I am most definitely a Ravenclaw then
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    I am such a fucking Ravenclaw. I immediately thought of the little blog post about the clues in the website and I wanted...
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    Totally a cross between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor right now.
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    Totally Gryffindor lol
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    hate to say it but totally gryffindor rn
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    Ravenclaw forever!
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    I am such a Ravenclaw asdlkjfals
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    I’m a Ravenclaw. Loud and proud.
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    Definetely a Ravenclaw, complicating my life as always
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    lmfao. ironically thats exactly what i did. I tried a bunch of hidden url options involving owls, going through the site...